Experiment against illegal trade in products

#industry news

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has developed a draft government decree, which involves conducting an experiment to exclude the possibility of selling expired products or tobacco products. The experiment can take place from December 1, 2022 to August 1, 2023.

"To conduct an experiment on the territory of the Russian Federation from December 1, 2022 to August 1, 2023 to exclude the technical possibility of selling food and tobacco products in case of its illegal introduction into circulation or expiration dates," the draft document says. It is proposed to entrust the implementation of the experiment to "Operator-CDAT" LLC.

In the experiment, it is proposed to use the following products:

• packaged water;

• dairy products (except ice cream and desserts without milk fat or milk protein);

• malt beer and beer-based beverages;

• non-alcoholic beer;

• other malt beer in vessels with a capacity of 10 liters or less;

• cider and pear cider;

• other fermented sparkling and non-sparkling beverages with an alcohol concentration of no more than 7% by volume;

• cigarettes;

• cigars, cheroots, cigarillos, bidi, kretek, smoking tobacco, pipe tobacco, hookah tobacco, chewing tobacco, snuff;

• tobacco intended for consumption by heating;

• smoking mixtures for hookah that do not contain tobacco.

One of the goals of the experiment is to test mechanisms to exclude the possibility of selling illegal or expired products, it follows from the document.