Electronic nicotine delivery systems with innovative technological solutions, ceramic heaters, stylish design and soft natural flavours.

CNPT SHIFT – disposable electronic nicotine delivery system:
• up to 2,000 puffs;
• 12 soft and unique flavours;
• safe lid protective cover (prevents contamination of the mouthpiece when carrying);
• visual control of the liquid level (due to the transparent walls of the liquid container);
• puff force switch (allows you to set a comfortable hovering style);
• USB Type-C (allows you to recharge the device for full use of all the liquid).
CNPT BLADE – electronic nicotine delivery system with replaceable cartridges:
• up to 700 puffs;
• 10 popular unique flavors;
• 6 colour solutions of the device;
• the thinnest solution in the world (for devices with a ceramic heater);
• informative LED indicator (indication of the vaping process; indication of the battery charge; indication of the operating modes of the device; indication of malfunctions);
• visual control of the liquid level;
• Type-C fast charging;
• child protection function;
• soft vibration indication.
i:FORCE – disposable electronic nicotine delivery system:
• up to 5,000 puffs;
• 7 rich natural flavours;
• advanced hermetic solution;
• visual control of the liquid level;
• USB Type-C charging port.
• the CNTP SHIFT, CNPT BLADE and i:FORCE devices use unique ceramic heaters created using FEELM technology, providing soft and uniform vaping;
• thanks to the advanced heater design, the liquid evaporates instantly without causing leaks;
• in devices with a ceramic heater, the liquid container does not have cotton, which on average absorbs (and does not allow to use) 20-30% of the liquid.
• electronic nicotine delivery systems CNPT SHIFT, CNPT BLADE and i:FORCE are manufactured in accordance with the mandatory requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation and have passed all necessary conformity assessment procedures.