Best Logistic Company (BLC) provides supply chains management for companies included in SNS GC as well as complex solutions for logistics, forwarding and cargo transportation for third-parties.

Supply chains management for SNS GC: from arrangement of purchase and delivery of British American Tobacco products to delivery of raw products and materials to the factories for production of GFD drinks.. 

Services to third-parties: since 2000 the company has been providing comprehensive solutions for logistics, forwarding and cargo transportation, ensuring accuracy of delivery and safety of goods along the entire route of goods movement from production to places of sale. Relationships with partners are based on the principles of mutual benefit and respect with an emphasis on development of strong and long-term cooperation, which allows partners to optimize their business by abandoning their own logistics units 

Over the years BLC has created a coordinated team of professionals which is able to efficiently solve any problems, even non-routine tasks in the field of logistics.