MORPHEUS unites people in a company and craftsmen in a community of enthusiasts. It makes communication close and holidays memorable.

MORPHEUS is a high–quality pleasure from smoking hookah:
• 10 flavors (4 mono flavors and 6 mixes);
• 2 formats (25 g and 100 g);
• original blend of Burley and Oriental leaves with mild taste and classic strength;
• mild smoking and stable heat control;
• natural recognizable aromatics;
• easy to use. 

• development of tobacco flavors considering all current trends of hookah industry;
• use of flavors exclusive to the market;
• crumbly consistency and maximum flavor absorption due to cooking tobacco at low temperatures in several stages;
• airtightness of the jar, ensured by special packaging technology;
• retention of product freshness by sealing the jar with food nitrogen (technology used to create vacuum packaging). 

• MORPHEUS hookah tobacco is manufactured in accordance with mandatory requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation and has passed all necessary conformity assessment procedures.