One of the key values of SNS GC is people and better working conditions are created for them.

The office of the Management Company is rightfully considered one of the best offices in the country and sets the standard for all offices of SNS GC: the branches have been gradually implementing Rebranding, the project to introduce the highest standards of comfort, practicality and design in decoration and equipment of offices and warehouse premises.


Performance management is a system of regular assessment of the activities and competencies of employees of SNS GC.

Performance management provides: 

  • a common understanding of the goals of an employee and manager; 

  • regular feedback and the ability to adjust employee actions in the process of carrying out tasks;    

  • common criteria for evaluating the work of all employees of the Company;

  • identification of employee development areas; 

  • objective linkage between an employee's work results and his remuneration, development and promotion.

Learning and development

SNS GC invests significant resources in creating a comfortable learning environment for employees, which contributes to their further professional development and helps them in meeting the business goals.

Training and development of the Company's employees is systematic and is built around a planned basis. This means that all categories of employees are covered by the training system, each of which has its own long-term training and development program based on the business needs.


The innovative mobile application for employees of SNS GC is an operational feedback, the opportunity to be always informed of the main events and have access to convenient services of the company anywhere and anytime.

Corporate Mobile App Features:

  • important information directly from top officials;

  • monitoring the fulfillment of business tasks and revenue forecast;

  • work issues efficient assistant – chatbot;

  • feedback services: questions, opinions, ideas;

  • guide with information about colleagues and their contact details;

  • adaptation courses for newcomers in a convenient mode;

  • communication with colleagues (congratulations, thanks, likes and comments);

  • latest news, educational and entertainment content;

  • involvement in charity projects;

  • questionnaires and voting;

  • and much more.


One of the elements of the powerful corporate culture of SNS GC is an additional system of motivation and encouragement.

Benefits for employees:

  • annual awarding of the best employees for overachievement in their work;
  • supplements and bonuses for length of service in the Company, exceptionally effective performance of business tasks and participation in corporate special programs;
  • VMI;
  • reimbursement of housing rent upon relocation;
  • additional leave days;
  • talent pool;
  • education (within the Company, external);
  • corporate holidays and gifts;
  • special projects for employees' children;
  • loyalty programs from partners.


SNS GC supports and participates in private initiatives of employees who unite to help colleagues and members of their families experiencing difficult life situations.

As part of corporate charity projects every employee of GC across the country regardless of grade and position can contribute to the fortunes of adults and children by just a few clicks on the corporate portal or using the corporate mobile application.


The security of employees and property of all structural divisions of the Group of Companies is provided at the highest level by its own Private Security Organization «SNS».

The team of SNS PSO consists of professional licensed employees who have received special training and use modern video surveillance equipment, security alarm systems, etc. in their work.