ITMS has localized the IT infrastructure

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The ITMS Group of companies (products under the glo, Dunhill, Kent, Vogue, Rothmans, Lucky Strike and Java brands in Russia) has transferred all its IT systems, including Microsoft Exchange, VDI and enterprise management systems, from foreign servers to the MTS cloud, completely localizing them in Russia. In addition to providing a virtual infrastructure, CloudMTS has also taken over the support of domains, mail services and software for collaboration of the company's employees. More than 400 terabytes of data were transferred during the migration. This was announced by the CloudMTS provider (part of the MTS group).

The ITMS Group of Companies (formerly British American Tobacco in Russia) has been using the provider's virtual infrastructure since 2017. Then the company transferred support for its employees' operating systems to the MTS cloud, and also deployed HaaS CloudMTS at its factory in St. Petersburg. In 2022, ITMS decided to localize all IT systems within Russia. The company chose MTS as the contractor. The provider created a hybrid domain infrastructure in Russia from scratch, including users, groups and policies to ensure the operation of corporate services in the country and took over its administration.

In parallel, ITMS infrastructure services such as SharePoint and Exchange were migrated to a failover cluster in the CloudMTS cloud and fully localized in Russia. A part of the archived data of these services and about 3 thousand user accounts and workstations that were previously on servers abroad were also copied to the provider's cloud. In total, CloudMTS moved more than 400 terabytes of data to its cloud during the move.

The provider has fully taken over the support of Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and ITMS domain infrastructure localized in the country. He also deployed more than 100 virtual workstations in his cloud for remote work of the company's supplier and partner teams. 

One of the most important projects within the framework of cooperation was the transfer of the ITMS enterprise management system from SAP to 1C and its localization in Russia. CloudMTS in this project acted as a provider of virtual infrastructure, in which 1C ERP, 1C WMS, 1C MES, Datareon ESB and 1C ZUP production and warehouse management systems were deployed, and also took over their support at the level of virtual machines and operating systems inside.

"It was important for us to carry out the migration seamlessly. The coordinated work of the ITMS and CloudMTS teams allowed us to transfer IT systems so that none of the company's employees even noticed it: the factory in St. Petersburg and our numerous offices across the country continued to work like clockwork. And due to the fact that now the support of the virtual infrastructure and the IT systems deployed in it is carried out by one company, many processes in the field of their administration have been simplified. For example, after the migration of Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint to the CloudMTS cloud, the SLA for these programs was significantly improved," said Artur Sevryugin, ITMS IT Infrastructure Manager.

In total, there are more than 300 ITMS servers in the CloudMTS cloud. The provider took over not only their maintenance, but replaced their antivirus protection with software from domestic vendors.