For producers and importers, access to the analytical data of the "Chestny Znak" has been authorized

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You can download the data in your personal account and find out unique information about the movement and sales of goods.

The data of the "Chestny Znak" will allow:

  • Build sales reports by region, individual grocery chains and specific sale points;
  • Know the real prices and the volume of demand;
  • Predict the demand for your products and conduct more profitable marketing campaigns;
  • Optimize logistics and distribution chains.

Transfer the data to marketers, logisticians and the commercial department. And they will also be useful when planning production. Previously, in order to collect such information, businesses had to order analytical reports and pay money for it.

A free database is suitable for small companies that do not have the opportunity to buy analytics.

The data is available for product groups: tobacco, shoes, dairy products, medicines, light industry, perfumes and toilet water, tires, cameras and flash lamps.