TORNADO ENERGY launches powerful OLV support

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TORNADO ENERGY launches a powerful advertising campaig!

OLV* support is already starting today, within the framework of which product videos will be broadcast on the most popular online platforms: Yandex, VKontakte, the network and many others.

The new advertising campaign consists of 8 creative energetic videos representing the main flavors of TORNADO ENERGY: MANGO, CACTUS, BUBBLE, COCONUT, SKILL, BATTLE, STORM, ACTIVE).

Planned views based on the results of the OLV* campaign - more than 70 million!

The positive does not end on its own: TORNADO will soon present videos with a new brand ambassador.

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See the videos link to:

* OLV (online-video) is a type of video advertisement

 where inserts are integrated into a streaming 

video or a website page.