TORNADO ENERGY is a partner of the COLISEUM

#industry news

The partnership of the TORNADO ENERGY brand, widely known in the territory of video games, with the world's largest network of computer clubs, COLIZEUM, has started!

COLIZEUM is a network of esports arenas and the largest tournament operator in the CIS, which includes:

• 500 esports arenas in 180 cities;

• > 1,200,000 people — club traffic per month;

• > 500,000 people — a unique audience per month;

• > 14,000 pcs.

The start of a successful history of cooperation is the integration of the COLIZEUM network into the promo "Win a CYBER TRUCK or 15,000,000 rubles":

• bonus points of the computer club for the purchase of TORNADO at the COLISEUM;

• announcement of the promo campaign on the screens of gaming computers and on social networks of the COLISEUM;

• branding of the reception desk and the game console area;

• placement of refrigeration equipment with exclusive designs in COLISEUM clubs.

Learn more about TORNADO ENERGY X COLISEUM as part of the promo:


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