The start of the FRESH BAR COLA’s OLV with Karna.val

#industry news

In collaboration with People&Stars x TNT MUSIC Production, a bright dynamic K-POP video has been created, setting the trend this summer:

Karna.val and the participants of the «DANCING on TNT» show incendiously dance to an energetic and memorable soundtrack, enjoy the taste of refreshing FRESH BAR COLA and present the audience with a delicious fresh-cola taste palette.

After the first listening to the jingle created specifically for the brand, you will find yourself thinking that you are humming it over and over again :)

Logos, names of flavors and their elements on the virtual production screen focus all attention on FRESH BAR COLA, and the graphics in the form of bubbles and splashes remind you that FRESH BAR COLA is not only delicious, but also perfectly refreshing!

Try all the flavors of FRESH BAR COLA and catch the fresh school style!

Watch a bright dynamic video here:

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