The share of sticks in the Russian tobacco market reached 11,7%

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The share of sticks for tobacco heating systems in the total volume of tobacco production in Russia has increased from 9.5% to 11.7% since the beginning of 2022, according to the data of the marking system. 

If in January manufacturers produced 657.5 million packs of cigarettes and 68.6 million packs of sticks for heating systems, in May the volume of cigarette production decreased to 620 million packs, and the production of sticks increased to 82 million packs, the operator of the CDAT marking system reported.

On average, since the beginning of the year, the share of sticks in total production has exceeded 10%. 

Despite the fact that the mandatory marking of sticks was introduced on March 1, 2022, manufacturers began marking such products at the stage of a voluntary experiment, the CDAT noted. 

In total, in the first five months of 2022, manufacturers produced 3.5 billion packs of cigarettes with a total value of 514.7 billion rubles and 402 million packs of sticks with a total value of 65.7 billion rubles. The weighted average cost of a pack of cigarettes for January-May 2022 was 144 rubles, a pack of sticks - 163 rubles.