The number of legal vape stores in the Russia increased by 163%

#industry news

From December 15, 2022, mandatory labeling of disposable electronic cigarettes and liquids for them began in Russia, from April 1, 2023, mandatory transfer of information on the movement of products between turnover participants and on the withdrawal of products from circulation was introduced for the wholesale and retail link.

However, until December 1, 2023, the sale of such goods without codes is allowed, if they were imported or produced before the start date of mandatory labeling.

Despite the absence of mandatory requirements, industry participants have set a trend to whitewash the market. The state labeling system "Honest Sign" records a significant increase in registrations of retail stores that sell disposable electronic cigarettes and liquids for them. At the beginning of the year, there were only 105 thousand legal retail outlets for electronic cigarettes in Russia, now there are 276 thousand, which is 163% more.

"The data of the "Honest Sign" show that more than 170 thousand sellers have started working legally, comply with the law and pay taxes. This makes it clear about the exit of this business from the "shadow" and the transition to strict compliance with legal requirements. The "basement" points, which previously did not think that they would be paid attention to, understand that they will now have to work in the legal field. It is important that such whitewashing trends will allow fair competition to return to the market," said Anton Gushchansky, Director of Control (Supervisory) Activities of the CRPT (Operator of the state marking system "Honest Mark").