The excise tax rates for 2025 have been determined

#industry news

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law that sets excise tax rates for excisable goods for 2025 with an indexation of 4% compared to those previously set for 2024. The document is published on the official portal of legal information. 

The excise tax rate on ethyl alcohol, alcohol-containing products and alcoholic products with a strength of more than 9% is 664 rubles per liter, and up to 9% - 530 rubles, for sparkling wines, including Russian champagne, wine, grape-containing, fruit alcoholic beverages, the excise tax is 49 rubles. 

For fruit and other wines (except for fortified (liqueur)), fruit alcoholic products, grape, fruit wort, fermented fruit materials, wine materials, except for fortified wine in bulk, the excise tax rate is 36 rubles per liter, for cider, mead, as well as beer with a strength of up to 8.6% - 27 rubles, over 8.6% - 51 rubles.

The excise tax rate on pipe tobacco, smoking, chewing, sucking, snuffing, hookah (except for those used as raw materials for the production of tobacco products) is 4,452 rubles per kilogram, and for tobacco (tobacco products) intended for consumption by heating - 8,479 rubles. 

For cigars, the excise tax is set at 301 rubles per unit, tobacco heating devices and electronic nicotine delivery systems - 70 rubles, liquids for such systems - 20 rubles per milliliter, for cigarillos (cigarit), bidi, cretek - 4,289 rubles per 1,000 pieces, cigarettes  - 2,760 rubles per 1,000 units plus 16% percent of the estimated cost calculated based on the maximum retail price, but not less than 3,750 rubles per 1,000 units. 

For passenger cars with an engine power of over 90 horsepower (hp) and up to 150 hp inclusive, the excise tax rate is set at 59 rubles per 1 hp, up to 200 hp inclusive - 574 rubles, up to 300 hp inclusive - 940 rubles, up to 400 hp inclusive - 1,603 rubles, up to 500 hp inclusive - 1,659 rubles, over 500 hp - 1,713 rubles, and for motorcycles with engine power over 150 hp - 574 rubles. 

For fifth-class gasoline, the excise tax rate is 15,516 rubles per ton, which does not correspond to this class - 15,938 rubles, for diesel fuel - 10,749 rubles, engine oils for diesel and (or) carburetor (injection) engines - 6,834 rubles.