The damage to the budget due to the illegal sale of cigarettes in the Sverdlovsk region exceeded 700 million rubles

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The Sverdlovsk region has worsened its position in the ranking of regions for the turnover of illegal tobacco products, dropping from 23rd to 27th place. This was due to an increase in the share of counterfeit turnover: according to the results of the second quarter of 2022, it amounted to 7.3% (an increase of 1.4% compared to the first quarter). As well as federal budget losses from tax revenues. In the first quarter of 2022, they amounted to 303.5 million rubles, in the second — 418.5 million rubles. This was told by the first deputy director of ANO the National Scientific Cente of Competencies in the Field of Combating Illicit Trafficking in Industrial Products (NCCR),  Baysolt Khamzatov.

"This is an alarming situation, but it can be changed. The number of legal sale points is falling in the region (according to their number, the region has fallen from 38th to 47th place). I would like the authorities to pay attention to legal sale points: the fewer they are, the more tempting it is for those who are engaged in illegal trafficking to fill these spaces," he said during the conference of the Kommersant—Ural Publishing House on the topic of combating illegal trafficking in tobacco products. According to him, those regions where governors orient local employees to work with digital marking have managed to reverse the trend by improving the situation with counterfeiting.

In general, the share of illegal tobacco products in Russia is 12.1%. The minimum estimate of damage to the federal budget is 75 billion rubles. The highest concentration of illegal trafficking in Russia is recorded in the Southern, North Caucasus, North-Western Federal Districts, the smallest - in the Far Eastern Federal District.

The research was conducted in all subjects of Russia, on the territories of which 87 million citizens live, this is 59% of the country's population.