Sporty May with E-ON SPORT SUPPORT

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From May 21 to May 22, 2022, the E-ON SPORT SUPPORT brand supported a number of major sporting events: the Moscow Cycling Festival, the Volgograd Marathon, and the Zaraysk Bison Race.

Each of the participants, as well as the guests of the events received a charge of essential amino acids and energy from E-ON SUPPORT SUPPORT! In addition, the winners of the Volgograd Marathon and social media sweepstakes won a month's supply of E-ON SPORT SUPPORT (24 cans)!

The events were held on a large scale:

• about 42 000 participants attended the Moscow Cycling Festival on May 21;
• On May 21-22 E-ON SPORT SUPPORT reinforced the sporting spirit of 1 500 participants at the Volgograd Marathon;
• Zaraysk Bison Race was held on May 21 and gathered 1 200 participants

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