SNS improves business processes

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SNS has improved its business processes with the help of Easy Report, a business assistant based on natural language processing technologies. The assistant instantly prepares business reports and sends them to the Telegram messenger chat.

Instant reports anytime anywhere

SNS has implemented the Easy Report business assistant, which can instantly prepare reports and send them to the chat. The company is confident that Easy Report is an excellent solution for a large number of users, providing employees with easy access to the data they need from any device at any time. Easy Report reduces the cost of ownership of BI systems and increases their availability, especially in medium and large businesses - the cost of ownership of Easy Report does not depend on the number of users.

Due to Easy Report, competition among sales department employees (the gamification process) was introduced in SNS. Now sales representatives can use Easy Report to track their rating in Telegram throughout the day. SNS sales department employees can also easily and quickly get data on the implementation of the sales plan and other indicators, and their managers can instantly check the work of their team.

Reports can be either received in the messenger or sent to your email

Easy Report is convenient for everyday use in the company:

  • round-the-clock access to data from any device where Telegram is installed;
  • reports on request in plain Russian;
  • the required report a few seconds after the request;
  • instant granularity of the received report;
  • results in any user-friendly form (text, table or graph/diagram);
  • sending the report to the mail.

The Easy Report solution is being actively developed at SNS. Reports can now be received in a messenger within a few seconds, or sent to your email and analyzed in Excel.