KPI for the control of marked goods

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The Russian authorities plan to approve performance indicators by the end of this year to assess the control over the labeling of goods for all 16 product groups, for 13 of them the KPI is already in effect. This was announced by Vladislav Zaslavsky, Director of the Department of digital labeling of goods and legalization of product turnover of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, speaking at the round table "Protection of consumer rights under the moratorium on inspections of small and medium-sized businesses."

"To date, the government has already approved performance indicators of control and supervisory bodies for 13 product groups. <...> We think to complete the work this year and completely close all labeled product groups for these performance indicators. We expect to implement a risk management system in 2024, <...> and finally, we hope that the balance between the state and business will be observed," Zaslavsky said.

Director for Control and Supervisory Activities of the Center for the Development of Advanced Technologies (CRPT, operator of the "Honest Sign" marking) Anton Gushchansky added that in addition to implementing a risk-based approach, the practice of "self-settlement" of business is effective. "Realizing that there are quite a large number of violations that the labeling system sees, and not all of them are related to malicious business activities, we really followed the path of similar warnings," he explained.

According to him, due to the loyal approach, the number of cases of water turnover with improper or missing documents confirming safety and quality has decreased by 90%, if we compare September with January 2023. "In dairy products over the same period, sales of expired products decreased by 10.5% and the production of goods with signs of falsification, that is, the production of unconfirmed raw materials, decreased by 60%. This was achieved thanks to the integration of the labeling system with VETIS," Gushchansky stressed.

About marking

The Honest Sign system has been implemented in Russia since 2019 to counteract the illegal turnover of goods. It covers dairy products, bottled water, medicines, tobacco, beer, shoes, light industry goods, fur coats, tires, perfumes, cameras, dietary supplements, antiseptics, medical products, wheelchairs, sweet drinks. Currently, an experiment is being conducted on the labeling of caviar.