FRESH BAR in an updated design!

#industry news
Please welcome the FRESH BAR in an updated design: preserving the continuity of the brand, the packaging has become even more modern, stylish and attractive.

What has changed:
- more readable and contrasting logo;
- emphasis on the name of the flavor;
- more concise structure and filling;
- emphasis on ice as an important element of brand identity.

Due to the updated design, already favorite and popular drinks will become even more noticeable on the shelves and attractive to consumers, which will definitely contribute to an increase in sales.

And the high ratings of the updated design from the focus group participants * confirm this:
• 64% of consumers consider the updated design more youthful;
• 59% of consumers find the updated design more attractive;
• consumers’ associations: "bright youth design", "design looks more refreshing", "causes a desire to buy".

FRESH BAR in an updated design on all shelves of the country - as soon as January 2023!

*According to OMI