First meeting of the tobacco working group

#industry news

On October 26, at a meeting of the government working group on tobacco, Andrey Loskutov, chairman of the Nicotine Alliance, was elected its co-chairman.

This was the first meeting of the working group established in October of this year. According to the regulations, it will consider government documents related to tobacco and nicotine-containing products.

The heads of the Government Working Group on Tobacco are two co–chairs: representative of the state agency Igor Aleshin, head of Rosalcogoltabakcontrol, and Andrey Loskutov, Chairman of the Nicotine Alliance, President of the Russian Cigar Union.

The executive secretary of the working group is Georgy Golovanov, author of Federal Law No. 203–FZ "On State regulation of the production and turnover of tobacco products, tobacco products, nicotine-containing products and raw materials for their production", adopted on 13.06.2023.

The meeting considered draft government regulations – on the procedure and timing of conservation and deconservation of basic technical equipment for the production of tobacco products, tobacco products, raw materials, nicotine-containing products and (or) nicotine-containing raw materials" and the rules for determining the minimum price for nicotine-containing products.

With the creation of the working group, a system of regulation and interaction of authorities with the tobacco industry is being formed: the legislative branch is the Tobacco Expert Council in the State Duma, the government working group is the executive branch.