Duma supported the increase in excise taxes on cigarettes

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Despite the growth next year, already in 2025, Russia may return to the previously announced four percent bar for indexing part of excise taxes. Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Sholban Kara-ool told the Parliamentary Newspaper about this.

Excise taxes on strong alcohol, cigarettes and cars will be indexed from January 1 next year. Moreover, in 2024 by five percent instead of the previously planned growth within four percent. Such an amendment to the Tax Code was approved by the State Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes for the second reading, Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Sazanov said earlier.

The deputy noted that this is another important measure of filling the budget in order to ensure all social obligations on time and quickly. Now the conditions are difficult, the parliamentarian added. The Government is responding quite quickly to the current situation, overcoming the difficulties that inevitably arise in the face of sanctions. A difficult moment requires making certain decisions on filling the budget. We are talking about increasing excise taxes on goods that are not among the most vital, but at the same time are profitable.

"I would like to note that the Government's actions are flexible ahead of schedule. The initiators of the draft law on raising excise taxes by five percent admit that in 2025 they may return to the previously stated four percent level," the Vice speaker said.