Cigarettes will rise in price by 4%

#industry news

Chairman of the Nicotine Alliance of Russia Andrey Loskutov warned about another rise in the price of cigarettes.

He reminded the standard procedure for increasing excise taxes, as a result of which in 2023 the cost of each pack of cigarettes will increase by about 3 rubles (4%).

Excise taxes will be raised from January 1. Every year prices grow by 4%, so this time such an indicator is predicted. The market is already used to regular price increases in this range.

This is completely calmly swallowed by the consumer. Here it is necessary to give the position to the Ministry of Finance, which makes all this as comfortable as possible for the consumer," Andrei Loskutov said in an interview with the Говорит Москва  radio station.

In conclusion, he once again stressed that fans of cigarettes would hardly notice the price increase.