Backstage: FRESH BAR video with Valya Karna.val on THT MUSIC!

#industry news

On April 30, the filming of the FRESH BAR video with the participation of brand ambassador Valya Karna.val in cooperation with TNT Music Production took place.

A bright dynamic video created using a new virtual filming technology for a colorful augmented reality image will be broadcast as part of an OLV company, which will begin in the coming days.

And while the installation of the video is being completed, TNT MUSIC has prepared a backstage video of the filming process and showed it on the air of the BIG NEWS program (in total, viewers of the channel saw the video 12 times).

We present you a backstage video full of memorable voiceover moments and unforgettable emotions of FRESH BAR ambassador Valya Karna.val and the team. 

press office of SNS GC