"Verny" expands cooperation with Fresh Bar

#industry news

Against the background of the withdrawal of foreign brands from the market, the Verny trading network continues to strengthen partnerships with manufacturers of domestic soft drinks.

At the beginning of the year, the retailer agreed on more favorable terms of cooperation with the manufacturer of popular carbonated drinks Fresh Bar and Tornado Energy, the SNS company. As part of the new agreements, the parties agreed on shelf prices at an attractive price on a permanent basis for the buyers of Verny. This means that SNS products will be sold at a reduced price throughout the year, and the Verny network will keep a minimum margin on them.

 "We are glad that we have found opportunities for joint growth with a partner, and we also consider this a huge breakthrough compared to last year, when the number of promotional activities for their products was an order of magnitude less. We are sure that customers will be satisfied, because the partner's products are an excellent alternative to Western brands that hastily left the Russian market," said Anton Bakharev, commercial director of the Verny retail chain.

For its part, Verny will introduce new products from SNS to the range of the network, which also include popular E-ON energy drinks and refreshing Ilyinsky Lemonades.