TORNADO ENERGY OLV campaign launch

#industry news

TORNADO ENERGY launches an OLV campaign: two vivid videos full of dynamics and transformations show that TORNADO is sleeping inside everyone — it just needs to be woken up. 

In the video, real frames are integrated with a neural network and computer graphics, and the main characters are ambassadors of the brand SQWOZ BAB (a popular performer whose track became the title theme of the OLV campaign) and Anton Shastun (a well—known artist "Improvisers", "Contacts").

The videos will be seen by the audience of such popular sites as Yandex, Segmento, My Target, Media Today, YouTube (OLV forecast >60,000,000 views for the period July-December 2023).

"The best feelings remained from participating in the campaign. He left after filming with a desire to see the result of such a large-scale work sooner. The project is fire!", – shared Anton Shastun. 

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