Mandarin-Yuzu is a novelty from Ilyinsky Lemonades

#industry news

Ilyinsky Lemonades presents a juicy citrus novelty with the taste of Mandarin Yuzu:

— a combination of the bright taste of ripe mandarin and the rich citrus aroma of yuzu*;

— high quality product with a more natural composition**;

— bright packaging design and lemonade color that stand out on the shelf;

— large-scale support for new products: OLV, SMM, ambassadors;

— the best price on the shelf.

Why is Mandarin yuzu?

— our consumer appreciates unique tastes;

— 30% of young consumers want to try unusual products on the market;

— 17% of consumers like to buy new items all the time;

— tangerine flavor is becoming increasingly popular among Russian consumers!

*Citrus fruit, a natural hybrid of mandarin and lemon, has a rich

citrus aroma and tart taste with tangerine notes

**Compared to the Ilyinsky Lemonades line in 2023

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