Transfer of tobacco excise tax revenues to the regions

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The issue of redistribution of income from tobacco excise taxes between the federal and regional budgets, which has been raised for several years, it is time to consider it in detail, said Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy Artyom Kiryanov. He stated this at a press conference in Interfax.

"This is the right proposal, it has been discussed for several years, there are different opinions on this topic. I think that we will gather in a public plane together with representatives of all interested bodies on the site of the State Duma and discuss in detail what will happen if we "split" the excise tax and give part to the regions," the deputy said.

According to him, it is obvious that "leaving some of the money in the region, we will see a completely different control work." "Here, the region will be interested in everything going legally, and all control mechanisms, including public ones, will be involved," he said.

As Vladislav Zaslavsky, director of the Department for the digital labeling of goods and legalization of product turnover at the Ministry of Industry and Trade, said earlier, the redistribution of part of the income from tobacco excise taxes from the federal to regional budgets will give the regions an incentive to more actively combat the trafficking of illegal cigarettes. According to him, at first we can talk about transferring 10-15% of the fees to regional budgets, in the future an increase in the percentage is not excluded.

According to the NSCC (National Scientific Competence Center in the field of combating illicit trafficking in industrial products), the total share of illicit cigarette trafficking by the end of 2023 decreased to 12.6% from 13.3% in the middle of the year. Budget losses for 9 months of last year are estimated at 75 billion rubles.