Restoration of Vereshchagin's painting with the support of GC


As part of the cooperation of the State Tretyakov Gallery with the SNS Group of Companies, the restoration of the famous work by Vasily Vereshchagin "Shipka-Sheinovo" has been completed. Skobelev under Shipka" (1878-1879).

Restoration work was carried out in the department of scientific restoration of easel oil paintings of the XVIII – early XX century under the direction of A.I. Golubeyko. All processes were carried out strictly in accordance with the instructions of the Restoration Council. During the work, the author's edges, which had become very dilapidated over time, were strengthened and reinforced. The painting is stretched on a specially made flatbed stretcher, which protects the work from vibration. Before stretching the canvas, additional restoration edges were made and duplicated. The greatest difficulty was the removal of impurities and the thinning of a strongly yellowed lacquer coating, which distorted the author's idea and changed the tonal ratio on the painting. Additionally, the restoration process was accompanied by constant monitoring in UV rays. As a result of the work, the restorers managed to restore the chiaroscuro ratio in the painting, the white color of the snow appeared and the author's idea appeared in its original form. 

A team of restorers led by the chief specialist of the department, V.N. Klepov, also carried out a major restoration of the author's frame: The collapsible structure of the massive frame was reinforced with wooden bars, dust layers and late tinting were carefully removed, the author's gilding was revealed and low-quality additions to the plaster decor were eliminated. Then casts were taken from the original decor, fragments of the ornament were made and mounted strictly within the boundaries of the loss of decorative framing.  The frame restorers have developed corner removable decors, executed with unique carvings and covered in a combined gilding technique.

About the painting

More than ten works of the Balkan series by V.V. Vereshchagin are devoted to the military events on Shipka. Two Bulgarian villages Shipka and Sheinovo, where the battle between the Russians and the Turks took place, were located in the valley on the outskirts of the Shipka Pass. This was the main strategic route to Adrianople. The pass, quickly captured by the Russian army, had to be held in harsh conditions for five months, suffering severe losses. On December 26-28, 1878, decisive battles took place near Shaynov, as a result of which the Turkish army of Wessel Pasha surrendered. Vereshchagin, a witness and participant in the event, depicted the moment when General M.D. Skobelev rode around the army after the battle was won.

Currently, the painting has returned to its historical place in Hall 27 of the permanent exhibition of the Tretyakov Gallery (Lavrushinsky Lane, 10).