"Gray" cigarette market in Siberia has grown to 10%

#industry news

In 2023, the share of illegal tobacco turnover in the Siberian Federal District reached 9.6%. In the Novosibirsk Region over the year, it increased from 14.1% to 14.7%, in the Krasnoyarsk Territory from 4% to 7.4%, the National Scientific Competence Center (ANO "NSCC") said.

According to Irina Bushina, director of the ANO "NNCC", the illegal cigarette market in Russia as a whole is 13.9%, against 12.1% a year earlier. In quantitative terms, this is about 1.4 billion packs of cigarettes, which, according to expert estimates, leads to losses of the federal budget in the amount of about 130 billion rubles.

Maxim Ostanin, Deputy Minister of Industry, Trade and Entrepreneurship Development of the Novosibirsk region, said that recently a lot of illegal products have been coming from Serbia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, etc.

According to Roman Troshkin, manager for work with state authorities of JTI Russia, supplies from the EAEU member states, which traditionally account for the largest part of all illegal turnover in Russia, decreased by almost 10 percentage points in the structure of illegal turnover (53% in 2023 against 62% in 2022). This happened due to the harmonization of excise rates launched within the framework of the EAEU, as well as within the framework of bilateral relations between Russia and Belarus, he noted.