Rules for the conservation of tobacco production

#industry news

The Government has approved the rules for the conservation or deconservation of technological equipment (TO) for the production of tobacco products. The relevant resolution is posted on the official Internet portal of legal information. 

Thus, in case of cancellation or termination of the license for the production of tobacco products, such equipment must be mothballed within seven working days from the date of such a decision by the Rosalkogoltabakregulirovanie court. 

The rules also stipulate that the installed equipment, in the absence of a license or raw materials for production, must be preserved within 30 days from the date of its acceptance for storage or acquisition on any legal basis. 

Within two working days after conservation, the owner of the maintenance must send a notification to the central office of Rosalkogoltabakregulirovanie about the conservation and the need for an inspection of the equipment. If it is necessary to carry out the deconservation of the main one, its owner also notifies the agency about this and about the circumstances that served as the grounds for its conduct.

Within one day after receiving such notification, representatives of Rosalkogoltabakregulirovanie must inform the owner of the maintenance of the departure to the place of the planned deconservation to monitor its conduct, or coordinate such departure and, accordingly, deconservation within five working days. The conduct of the deconservation should be recorded by representatives of the department using photo and video recordings.