Authentication of goods on "Public Services"

#industry news

The ability to verify the authenticity of goods, as well as the expiration date, manufacturer's name, weight or volume of the product appeared in the application "Public Services", it is enough to scan a special sign on the packaging, the press service of the Ministry of Finance reported.

"You should no longer worry about the authenticity of the goods you buy. Now in the store using the application "Gosuslugi" you can find out the expiration date, the name of the manufacturer, the weight or volume of the product, as well as see a photo of the product for comparison. To do this, you need to scan a special sign on the package by clicking on the "Goscan" button in the "Public Services" application," the message says.

Depending on the scan results, the application will show one of three statuses. If the status is green, then everything is fine with the product, gray color means that the product has already been sold or there are inconsistencies in the description - in this case, you can report a violation in the "Honest Sign" application. The red status means that the product has not passed the authenticity check or the system has detected other violations - for example, the expiration date has expired.

With the help of a scanner on "State Services", you can check medicines, dairy products, water, shoes, fur coats and outerwear, tobacco, light industry goods, cameras and flash lamps, perfumes and toilet water, dietary supplements, antiseptics and wheelchairs, tires and tires. Soon it will be possible to check alcohol.