A minimum price for tobacco in 2024

#industry news

The single minimum price for tobacco products in 2024 will be 129 rubles, according to an information letter from the Ministry of Agriculture published on the agency's website. In 2023, the figure was 117 rubles per pack, in 2022 - 112 rubles.

It is explained that in the calculations, the Ministry of Agriculture proceeded from the formula established by the law on the protection of citizens from tobacco exposure, as well as the minimum value of the excise tax rate on a pack of tobacco products, the VAT rate and the increasing coefficient.

A single minimum price for tobacco products in Russia was introduced on April 1, 2021. It is forbidden for merchants to lower the cost of cigarettes below this level, companies and officials face fines. The value is indexed annually, taking into account pricing factors and the dynamics of excise rates.