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TORNADO ENERGY is an exclusive partner of FAN FEST 2023, which takes place from October 27 to 29, 2023 at the Live Arena in the Moscow region. 

FAN FEST 2023 is a large–scale annual festival of modern pop culture: cinema, cosplay, comics, science fiction, computer and board games, animation and manga, IT and esports. 

A joint stand of TORNADO and Lesta Games (developer of the game "World of Tanks") is organized at the festival site, where activities with prizes are held – tournaments and game quizzes. 

During the three days of the festival, streamers and gaming bloggers will conduct live broadcasts from the stand, in which they will present TORNADO using:

– product placement; 

– mentions;

– usage;

– branding.  

The main activity of TORNADO ENERGY at FAN FEST 2023 is a special drawing of the Steam Deck portable game console as part of the TORNADO Digital Collection promotion! 

TORNADO provides a charge of cheerfulness and a great mood, which is treated to guests and participants of the festival by models in branded clothes. ☺

The detailed program of the festival is here: 


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