The "Law for All!" will work in Krasnodar

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In November, the city program "Law for All!" will work, aimed at suppressing the facts of illegal sale of tobacco and nicotine-containing products. This topic was discussed at a meeting held by the acting head of the regional center Maxim Slyusarev.

- A serious problem, on the solution of which the health of our younger generation depends, is the control over the sale of cigarettes to minors. Such facts need to be identified, suppressed and severely punished by unscrupulous sales workers. And despite the fact that the powers of such control are not in our competence, we should not stand by," Maxim Slyusarev noted.

He also emphasized that the topic of suppressing the facts of illegal sale of tobacco and nicotine-containing products is very important for the city. Therefore, the trade department, the Department of Internal Affairs, and the public should take part in this work and prevent cigarettes from children's hands.

The program "Law for All!" is aimed at preventing the sale of tobacco products to minors, as well as the formation of an active, socially responsible position of trade workers and raising their awareness of the harm of smoking. This was told by the head of the Department of Trade and Consumer services of the population Elena Kochegarova and the chairman of the Public Council on the problem of Teenage smoking Svetlana Chernyshova.

- We see that the level of sales of illegal products containing nicotine is growing, and where it is sold illegally, it is also sold to minors. Therefore, in order to prevent such facts, it was decided to create a program that, first of all, is aimed at monitoring the work of sellers, — said Svetlana Chernyshova.

The program "Law for all!" includes:

- a training program for trade workers "Be able to say no";

- social advertising in public transport, on city monitors and on billboards in elevators;

- organization of the work of the Council's hotline.

"Systematic work is being carried out to suppress the facts of illegal sale of tobacco products. Together with the police and district administrations, a system of interaction with public councils, Youth Patrol and parent committees has been worked out. Information about alleged violations is sent to the regulatory authorities to verify the facts and take measures," Elena Kochegarova said.

In total, according to the results of the raids conducted in 2022, the facts of the presence of sales of tobacco products in 50 stores located at a distance of less than 100 meters from educational institutions were revealed. To stop the facts of illegal sale of tobacco products in unexpected places, 19 events were held, 100 protocols were drawn up and 3 449 units of tobacco products were seized.