The first cargo at the customs center for a resident in the SEZ

#industry news

The customs terminal began operation in the special economic zone (SEZ) "Center" near Voronezh, it received the first cargo for an enterprise producing soft carbonated drinks with investments of more than 5 billion rubles. This was announced by the governor of the Voronezh Region, Alexander Gusev, in his Telegram channel.

"The customs terminal on the territory of the Center SEZ officially accepted the first cargo - equipment for the production of Global Drinks LLC. <...> Global Drinks LLC is our major investor. He will invest more than 5 ml of rubles in the production of non-alcoholic carbonated and tonic drinks. The enterprise will reach full capacity in 2026, the production volume will exceed 800 million units," he wrote.

Gusev clarified that the last documents on the acceptance of the terminal were signed with the Federal Customs Service, the procedure took several days, although the facility had already been built several months ago, but supplies and acceptance of special equipment were underway. He noted that the customs terminal will benefit the economy of the region, with its help the pace of development of the SEZ "Center" will increase.

Earlier, the governor reported that he expects the start of work of the customs terminal with investments of more than 366 million rubles from December 1, then he wrote in his Telegram channel that the procedure for commissioning the facility had been launched and postponed the start of its work to mid-December. 

In 2019, the Center SEZ was created in the Voronezh Region with a total area of 220 hectares, over 169 hectares were allocated to accommodate residents. The SEZ area is designed for 20 enterprises, the volume of investments declared by residents is 33.6 billion rubles, it is planned to create more than 3 thousand jobs. Currently, 12 residents are located in the SEZ, two of them have been launched: IK Maslovsky LLC with the production of glass prepregs, foil dielectrics and technical laminates, as well as NPO Perfograd LLC with perforated metal sheets, fence sections, metal grids and sheet metal products. Another 10 companies are at various stages of setting up their production facilities.