Marking – EDM driver in Russia

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Elena Aparina, Head of the Department of Integration solutions of the EDM of the Takskom company, noted that with the connection of new product categories to marking, the share of EDM users is growing

Marking encourages businesses to digitalize and switch to electronic document management (EDM). This opinion was expressed on Tuesday by the head of the Department of integration solutions of the EDM of the company "Takskom" Elena Aparina during the All-Russian Forum on Electronic document management.

"Since the launch of marking in the tobacco industry, there has been a global jump in connection to EDM. The activity of connections at that moment increased by 50-60%. Now we also see how with the connection of new product categories to marking, the share of EDM users is growing. Thus, we can say that marking is a driver for companies' transition to digital and encourages them to switch to electronic document management," Aparina said.

In turn, the expert of the Center for Research in Perspective  Technologies (CRPT, marking operator) Alexander Krivonosov noted that EDM is also a tool for reducing risks and costs for business. "Therefore, it is especially important that EDM operators are connected to the marking ecosystem, providing 100% of the market demand. Active systematic work is being carried out with colleagues so that the partners' technological solutions outstrip the constant requests of the turnover participants," he said.

Krivonosov also recalled that in order to simplify the entry into the EDM system, as well as connecting to the marking system for small and medium-sized enterprises that are not yet working with these technologies, CRPT has created the EDM-lite service. According to the expert, it provides a basic set of opportunities for working with marking, introduces EDM and thereby encourages the use of electronic documents and beyond the processes of the marking system.

"Today, more than almost 1.4 million electronic documents have been transferred through EDM Light. The greatest growth in data transmission occurred in September and October 2022, when the dairy industry moved to a new stage of work with the Chestny Znak system. In total, almost 70 thousand turnover participants use the EDM service from the CRPT," Krivonosov said.