Lukashenko: uniform conditions for the cigarettes with Russia

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The President of Belarus also recalled that a group of three dozen Russians had been working in the republic for a long time, who interacted with the country's customs officers

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko considers it necessary to carry out a single excise policy on cigarettes with Russia. He told reporters about this on Saturday.

"Yes, the Russians tell us: if you want a common market for cigarettes, if you want to sell your cigarettes in our market, let's level the prices. That's right. Even if we raised excise taxes on cigarettes, did we take away a piece of bread from a person?" — the BelTA news agency quotes Lukashenko.

"So tell me, what have we lost here? Budget revenues have been increased at the expense of secondary goods, without which a person can do without," — the President of Belarus added.

According to him, the same applies to the interaction of states in the customs sphere. Lukashenko reminded that a group of three dozen Russians who interacted with Belarusian customs officers had been working in Belarus for a long time. "We have agreed now: we divide this group in half — 15 of ours, 15 of theirs. And exclusively consulting services. What's wrong if super—specialists are in this group and they will tell us how to conduct customs affairs?" — the Belarusian leader believes.