Labelswill be revised when checking the tobacco market

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The Ministry of Economic Development will take into account the data of the labeling and traceability system of goods when conducting control and supervisory activities. This was told by Deputy Head of the Ministry Alexey Hersontsev at the plenary session "The New Face of Quality" within the framework of the international forum "World Quality Day".

"Given the maximum spread of labeling, and the decisions taken that labeling will be applied to more and more categories of goods (...), the question is how to use it to ensure control. Two decisions were made in this regard. We have agreed with colleagues from the CRPT, and now to conduct an experiment on synchronizing labeling tools with conformity assessment and control tools," he said.

Hersontsev added that already as part of the experiment, they agreed to test two groups of goods - tobacco and alcohol products.

"About how it is possible to provide control and supervisory measures in relation to tobacco, and in relation to alcohol. Both approaches are also based on risk indicators. At the same time, we agreed on tobacco, by the way, and on alcohol, too, that these indicators will be based on data from the labeling system. This is a key approach for us. We have agreed that the marking system will have to "light flags", and on the basis of these flags, control and supervisory measures will take place. In particular, the so-called control purchases," the deputy minister said.