Global Drinks LLC will create storage areas

#industry news

Global Drinks LLC, which implements a project in the special economic zone "Center" near Voronezh to create a production of non-alcoholic carbonated and tonic drinks worth 7 billion rubles, plans to invest another 10 billion rubles in the construction of a logistics complex. This was announced by Governor Alexander Gusev following a meeting with the company's management.

"Just the other day, I told you that the SEZ customs terminal officially accepted their first cargo — production equipment.

For the smooth operation of the future plant, a multifunctional logistics complex is needed — it will help in the logistics of raw materials, materials and finished products," the head of the region said.

According to him, a 9-hectare site has already been selected near the plant under construction: "We expect that warehouse space will appear in 2026-2027." 850 jobs can be created within the framework of the project.

The plant construction project is being implemented by Global Functional Drinks, a beverage manufacturer under the brands Fresh Bar and Ilyinsky Lemonades, Tornado and E-on energy drinks. In 2022, the volume of investments in the Voronezh enterprise was estimated at 5 billion rubles.