Analysis of the energy drinks market in Russia

#industry news

According to the "Analysis of the Energy Drinks market in Russia" prepared by Businessstat in 2022, their sales in the country in 2021 increased by 32% and reached 829 million liters. Energy drinks is the fastest growing category of the domestic soft drinks market. Basically, these drinks are bought by young people, energy is an element of a special subculture. Also, energy drinks are actively consumed by sportsmen and people who spend a lot of time in the workplace.

Despite the impact of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis on the country's economy, sales of energy drinks will continue to grow in 2022. On average, energy drinks will rise in price less than other carbonated drinks and juices, and therefore they will become a profitable alternative for many buyers.

It is expected that a much more significant event for the market will be the introduction of an excise tax on sugary drinks in the amount of 7 rubles per 1 liter from July 1, 2023. Almost all energy products contain sugar or other sweeteners and fall under the excise tax, which will lead to a significant rise in price. Due to the introduction of the excise tax, a number of manufacturers have already announced the termination of investments in the industry from 2023. Together, this will lead to a slowdown in the growth rate of energy sales in the country.