«Summer on the move» by FRESH BAR

In 2019 FRESH BAR showed itself perfectly on Federal TV channels in a new promotional dance video. But the concept of drive, dynamics and movement was not completed and FRESH BAR launched a cool special dance project «Summer on the move» on July 12.

dancing game starts on the website The main characters already loved by all the dancers from the bright commercials FRESH BAR, which will rock the participants of the game by dynamic movements and positive.

Game mechanics:
1.Watch the dance on the screen.
2. Correctly answer the questions and do not let the dance stop.
3. Enter the TOP of the participants and win cool prizes from FRESH BAR.

FRESH BAR has prepared stylish gifts - specially designed summer accessories for the project "Summer on the move " created by the popular pop art artist Max Goshko-Dankov. The calling cart of this artist is concept of turning ordinary objects into bright performance.

The project will receive strong support from well-known bloggers and popular sites about fashion, lifestyle and stars of KudaGo and PeopleTalk.

GC SNS Press Service

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