Festival Foucault Pendulum 2 (Saint Petersburg) with the support of E-ON_25-26.08.2018_PREVIEW

On August 25 and 26 with the support of E-ON ENERGY DRINK a large-scale summer rap festival Foucault Pendulum 2 will be held.

Street Art Museum, Saint Petersburg, Revolution Road, 84

Program of the event:
Foucault Pendulum 2 is a large-scale summer rap festival, which includes 30 artists, whose performance will change the idea of ​​contemporary music! This is the philosophy of modern times, a new school that truly ‘rocks’ the city on the Neva river.

The line-up is amazing:
August 25: Monetochka, Husky, Mnogoznaal, T-Fest, Mozee Montana, Bakey, Jacques Anthony, Big Russian Boss, Boulevard Depo, Big Baby Tape, Drago and others.

August 26: Hleb, 25/17, Zomb, Feduk, Harry Topor and Tony Raut, AIGEL, DK, MORGENSHTERN, VELIAL SQUAD. ⠀
The event will charge guests with incredible emotions, and E-ON ENERGY DRINK will provide energy and drive!

More about the event: VK


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