On August 31 2019, at the Shpagin's plant (Perm) with the support of E-ON ENERGY DRINK held took place EFest – festival of electronic music and visual arts.

The creators and ideologists of the festival set a goal to combine modern music and the latest visual technologies to create an event of a qualitatively new level. For this purpose 18 projectors were installed in the workshop space at 15 points, which created a single dynamic image. And for the first time in Perm designs with kinetic balls were used, thanks to which there was an effect of «falling ceiling» and 3D-drawing. During the evening guests saw a laser and light show also.

EFest participants were selected in such a way to acquaint guests with high-quality electronic music of different styles: The Aira (Perm), Alpha-Beta (St. Petersburg) in the new line, Ishome (Moscow), Envotion (the Netherlands) and Sharam Jey (Germany) and Grum (the UK).

The dance program was presented by the band Danger Electro.

Shpagin's plant, Perm, Sovietskaya street, 1а

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