E-ON for at the grandiose VK FEST

SaintPetersburg held VK FEST for the fifth time in July 20 to 21. One of the most popular annual city open-air in Russia. The festival was organized by social network Vkontakte and Radio Record. E-ON ENERGY DRINK charged everyone with energy and positive.

VK FEST impressed the scale this year: the territory, equal in size to 50 football fields; more than 95 000 visitors in two days; more than 6 000 000 of viewers of online broadcasting; 17 thematic areas; more than 350 interactive sites; 4 musical stages with more than 60 artists (CHLEB, Iolka, Feduk, Egor Krid, Allj, Max Barskih, MOT, Monetochka, Elena Temnikova, , A'studio, etc.) and more than 100 popular speakers and bloggers (Leonid Parfenov, Tina Kandelaki, Nikolai Sobolev, Maryana Ro, Nice Ildar YanGo, etc.).

Every person could energized driving energy and just a great time within VK FEST also. Thanks to the brand E-ON who presented at the festival their branded podium and a summer bar in front of the stage with hip-hop artists.

GC SNS Press Service

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