Digital marking of cigarettes starts in Russia

Starting fr om July 1, 2018 all producers and importers of tobacco goods will be included in a large-scale experiment in marking tobacco goods, as part of which consumer, group and transport packaging will bear special identification marks and all the data will be entered into a marking and monitoring database. Consumers will now be able to use a special smartphone app to check wh ere a tobacco product was manufactured, and find out its legal status. If the consumer notices any inconsistency in the data he or she will be able to use the same mobile app to file a complaint.

Also from July 1, on the basis of data from customs and tax declarations, the marking system and producers’ own accounting systems, a record will be created with information on the production of tobacco goods, and when they crossed the border of the Customs Union or the border between Russia and another Member State of the Union.

According to representatives of the tobacco sector, the introduction of compulsory digital marking will make it technically difficult for illegal cigarettes to find their way onto the Russian market.


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