Cybersports Championship in Tyumen with the support of TORNADO ENERGY_29.04.2018

A Cybersports Championship was held at Tyumen State University on 29 April with the support of TORNADO ENERGY. 60 gamers battled each other to win the trophy, and the chance to represent Tyumen State University in the TYUMEN UNIVERSITY CYBER LEAGUE. TORNADO ENERGY helped the contestants keep up their lightening-speed reactions and maximum focus.

The cyber-athletes competed in two disciplines: Interactive Football and TEKKEN 7. All the games were played on PlayStation 4 consoles.

The winners in the Interactive Football competition were:
1. Alexey Mikheev (Sports Institute) ;
2. Viktor Martinka (Electronics and Physics Institute);
3. Abdukakhar Hasanov (Government and Law Institute).

The prizes in the TEKKEN 7 competition were awarded as follows:
1st place - Artur Matsakyan (Earth Sciences Institute);
2nd place - Vladimir Braikovskiy (Arts and Social Sciences);
3rd place - Shakhrukh Kutlimuradov (Earth Sciences Institute)

Alexey Mikheev and Artur Matsakyan will represent Tyumen State University in the TYUMEN UNIVERSITY CYBER LEAGUE (the regional phase of the Russian Student Cybergames League) this autumn.

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