Bar Award with the support of E-ON!

Until recently the nightlife in megalopolises was divided equally between bars and clubs, but now party-goers prefer exclusively bar nightlife. Many active people spend a large number of evenings in the bars, because there you can drink, dance and to eat if you wish.

Demand creates supply, and therefore the number of bars has increased significantly. And it's time to choose the best places!
That is why on November 13 2018 with the support of E-ON ENERGY DRINK the Bar Award exclusive and unique in Russia was launched on the leading Internet site about the city life KudaGo in Moscow and St. Petersburg!

Voting of «Bar award»:
KudaGo Moscow
KudaGo St. Petersburg

The bars-winners and the most active participants in the voting will receive a powerful supply of energy from E-ON!

WOW bonus: for Bar Award E-ON created 3 functional cocktails of a new generation – Sangria, Hulk, Coffee Cooler, the recipe of which was developed specifically for the brand by one of the most charismatic bartenders in Moscow - Egor Stepanov.

* KudaGo is a convenient service allowing you to search for interesting events and places and one of the most active city-guide communities in social networks about city life and current events.

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