Business lines

British American Tobacco

General Manager

British American Tobacco Group of Companies is a large global manufacturer of tobacco and nicotine products, working in 200 countries around the world with leading positions in the markets of 60 countries and producing over 200 brands of cigarettes in total.

In its more than 100 year history British American Tobacco (BAT) thanks to its continuous efforts to improve quality and use the most up-to-date production methods has established a reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality tobacco and nicotine products for a wide range of tastes.

In 1991 the British American Tobacco Group opened a representative office in Moscow - BAT Russia. Today the company is one of the leaders in the Russian tobacco industry. It owns the BAT-SPb factory in Saint-Petersburg and the BAT-STF factory in Saratov, and has already invested over a billion US dollars in the Russian economy.

The company's brand portfolio includes such well-known international and Russian brands as Dunhill, Kent, Vogue, Pall Mall, Rothmans, Lucky Strike, Yava, Alliance and others as well as new generation products*: gloTM tobacco heating system and innovative method of getting nicotine without tobacco in LYFT packs.

* in BAT Russia portfolio

Since 1907 the Dunhill Tobacco House has been known for its careful attitude towards tradition and constant quality.

Dunhill King Size:
high-quality tobacco without additives* and flavoring Dunhill King Size cigarettes have been sold in Russia since 2004.

Dunhill Fine Cut:
thinner, compared to traditional cut tobacco – 46 cuts  per square inch, providing a soft taste. Dunhill Fine Cut cigarettes have been sold in Russia since 2007.

Since 2008 Reloc system has been used while producing Dunhill packs, allowing for tight sealing of the inner bundling in order to preserve the taste of the cigarettes.

*The absence of additives and flavoring does not decrease health risks connected to smoking.


Director General

Global Functional Drinks AG is an ambitious company, whose core business is to create and promote carbonated soft drinks and functional drinks brands, and also to develop the recipes for them.

GFD AG products are unique in their wide palette of flavors and functional characteristics.
The mission of GFD AG company is to provide consumers with the opportunity not only to enjoy the taste of a drink and satisfy their thirst, but also to recover their strength and get charged with energy with the help of it.

An ambitious goal of GFD AG is to become one of the largest players in the global market (in the category of soft and functional drinks) due to active development and expansion of its geographical presence.

At the Russian market GFD AG represented by GFD RUS which developing its business in cooperation with one of the largest FMCG distributor — SNS Group of Companies. The production process in Russia is supervised by the technicians of GFD AG company.

GFD RUS is working on the development its business with distributors in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Armenia, Tajikistan, Moldovia and Israel and others.
In the near future the company will work on the ambitious tasks of finding and developing distributors in new markets.

E-ON is a revitalising drink with distinct flavors which contains natural juice. E-ON fully enables drinkers’ energy, peps them up, and invigorates them with cheerfulness and positivity.

The brand has been developed to cater for the needs of a new generation. It is a drink for those who aim to live life to the full each day, as if there were 25 hours in a day; for those who want to avoid putting off their life, their possibilities and their experiences until tomorrow.

E-ON is the most effective way to get that 25th hour in the day, to do the things that are actually interesting!
The drink sharpens your perception in the present moment, giving you a kick, and helping you to find the best means of achieving your goals, in order to get the maximum from life, and enjoy success here and now.

E-ON was launched in the Russian market in 2012. A relatively young brand among the energy drinks, E-ON has nevertheless seen a rapid growth in market performance and continues to develop actively.

The packaging for the entire product line was modified for the summer season of 2016. In addition, a global project was undertaken to replace one of the existing flavors, E-ON CITRUS PUNCH (grapefruit, orange and lemon) with a classic orange flavor.

For convenience, the new flavor has retained its original CITRUS PUNCH name. In the meantime, the original flavors GINGER CRUSH (pomegranate, ginger) and ALMOND RUSH (apricot, almond, lemon), already loved by many, have not changed. The line has also been complemented with a new flavor — BLACK POWER (with the classic fruity, caramel notes of guarana).


  • effective, revitalising formula;
  • variety of distinct flavors;
  • natural fruit juices as components of all flavors;
  • no preservatives, artificial colors or flavorings;
  • a variety of vitamins: B5, B6, B12, folic acid, PP, biotin;
  • stylish, minimalist packaging.

E-ON Flavors: 

Functional energy drink for people interested in sports and leading a healthy lifestyle. Natural ingredients energy caffeine, taurine and ginseng combined with essential amino acids BCAA – a strength that gives a powerful boost and helps to rise to a new level a new level in sports and life generally.

The original, refreshing taste of an energy drink without artificial preservatives and colors, containing the classic fruity, caramel notes of guarana loved by everyone. It charges the body with energy for an active lifestyle and sharpens real-time perception.

A classic, rich, orange flavor which pleasantly invigorates and hones the desire for success. Citrus Punch is the choice for those who are accustomed to being active and successful.

The charismatic combination of kiwi and pineapple is an explosive mix of tropical energy. KIWI BLAST is a drink for those who value high quality and have tasted pleasure.

An unconventional mix of fresh lemon with the aromatic bitterness of almond perfectly revitalises and refreshes the body. Almond Rush is a drink for those who seek to stay active and have a fresh outlook on life. 

An explosive combination of sweet pomegranate, sour cranberry and spicy ginger boosts drinkers with cheerfulness, stimulating their internal systems. Ginger Crush was made for those who feel the pulse of life and notice all the details.

Marco Polo

Deputy Business line Director

Marco Polo are premium cigarillos made in the USA, in the best tobacco factories of North Carolina – a region with profound knowledge and long traditions of growing and processing tobacco.

These cigarillos are created using a blend of 5 premium class tobaccos, with traditional tobacco taste or with a rich vanilla, cherry or capuccino aroma.

The key qualities of Marco Polo cigarillos are their high quality and good price.

Only premium class tobacco is used to produce Marco Polo cigarillos.

Tobacco leaves of various grades are delivered to the factory where they go through the fermentation stage, are chopped and mixed to produce a well-balanced multi-faceted blend. The mixture is then wrapped in reconstituted tobacco leaves. Marco Polo cigarillos’ densely packed filling guarantees long-lasting and even smoking experience. Marco Polo cigarillos are intensely strong and the manufacturer has therefore added an acetate filter to the tip of each cigarillo to soften the smoking experience.

The Marco Polo product range includes both traditional tobacco flavors and cigarillos flavored with subtle vanilla, cherry and cappuccino aromas.

The cigarillos are packed in traditional soft packs in the spirit of the Old World. The design concept reflects both the high quality of the tobacco and the brand name – the cigarillos are named after the famous Italian traveler.


Business line Director

GC SNS offers three brands of lighters – Delta, Just and FOXlite.

Delta and Just were developed exclusively for GC SNS in partnership with SmirnovDesign – one of the key player in the sector of industrial design. 

In conjunction with the design agency GC SNS have realised the whole cycle of works: research, strategy, design and brand development, manufacture of a prototype, creation of press molds, furnishing and production. With an individual all-around approach we have created the product fully correspondent to high standards of our Company and our customers’ needs.

FOXlite are safe and reliable lighters for use in everyday life and as own-brand lighters.

Delta lighters are characterized by their European quality standards, full compliance with safety and ergonomics requirements, a patented flame guard, with its innovative well-shaped design, which effectively shields the flame from gusts of wind, added tactile elements: embossed stripes on the knob and on the body, and an innovatively shaped flame regulator for easy flame control. They are fashionably designed and are available in a wide range of colors.



The Best Logistic Сompany (BLC) is the unit responsible for the management of the delivery chain for companies included in the GC SNS: from organizing the purchase and delivery of British American Tobacco products to delivering ingredients and materials to factories for production of GFD drinks.
Тhe Best Logistic Company also provides services to external companies: since 2000 the company has provided clients with complete logistics, dispatching and cargo transport solutions, ensuring that deliveries are completed on time and cargo without any loss, for all stages of the delivery process from the production site to final destination. Relationships with partners are founded on the principle of mutual benefit and respect, with an emphasis is on the development of a simple and long- term partnership, which will allow partners to optimize their business processes, as they will not need to have their own logistics departments.
Over the years BLC has built up a well-organized team of professionals that can competently solve any logistical challenges, even unusual ones.