SN Gold Mining is a new player in Russian gold mining. The company was founded on October 14, 2020, bringing together the team of specialists, each of whom is a professional in the sphere.

Due to the well-coordinated work of the team over the year the assets of SN Gold Mining included Lysogorskoye gold deposit in the south of Krasnoyarsk Territory with a high gold content and an underground method of ore mining, as well as 28 promising sites within Trans-Baikal Territory, where exploration works are already underway. The company's long–term goal is to become one of the leading Russian gold mining companies. 

To achieve this it is planned to acquire assets in prospective regions of the Russian Federation and abroad, and having many years of experience of the team it is possible to promptly and comprehensively consider deposits and ore occurrences of various types of complexity and use modern approaches to mining operations.