Wild nights from the techno group MONASTERIO in Kazan and Samara with the support of E-ON_ October 30 and 31_ PREVIEW

On October 30 in Kazan (WERK art space) and October 31 in Samara (concert and dance floor Zvezda) with the support of E-ON ENERGY DRINK wild nights will be held with the participation of the showcase of the most powerful techno group in the country MONASTERIO.

MONASTERIO has a long way under its belt from creating a cult club with a unique sound system to large-scale multi-day raves and countless international stars.

MONASTERIO will be represented by residents:
- Relikt-1 – Alex Gasitel's new furious and merciless project;
- Roks – personification of the new rave generation of itself;
- Wacky Kid – producer with a huge experience and a longtime participant in all the latest raves under the auspices of the techno group.

E-ON ENERGY DRINK will give parties guests endless drive and energy so that they can enjoy the atmosphere and cool music all night long!

music art space WERK, Gabdulli Tukaya st., 115, 6 building
concert and dance venue Zvezda, Novo-Sadovaya st., 106G

More about the party:

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