TORNADO ENERGY’s joint project with Men in Black: International

As it is well-known, everybody likes TORNADO ENERGY because it offers a range of unique tastes and a burst of energy at an affordable price. Their market positioning is rather provocative, their gaming projects (the very same) are so cool, they always arrange large-scale events and of course, they’ve been supporting the most highly anticipated films for release.

Like in 2019 This time TORNADO ENERGY is working on a joint project with a super block-buster which ranks among the TOP 20 most eagerly wanted movies of the year (according to - Man in Black: International, so they have launched a powerful promotion campaign to support this project:

  • the energy drink now features a special exclusive design package which stylistically matches the movie concept;
  • competitions with cool prizes;
  • super content posted in the brand’s VK group and featuring a combination of TORNADO ENERGY’S venturous nature and cool spirit of Men in Black: International;
  • tough video on YouTube.

Organizational principles of the competition:

  • sign up for TORNADO ENERGY official VK group and repost the news about the competition on you page;
  • once a week among all repost a random selection is made where prizes are promo-codes at and Man in Black-branded souvenirs: (card holders, bags, caps and garment covers);
  • the prize drawing with the main prized offered by SONY will take place on June 28. Among those prizes are: Sony PlayStation, Sony Xpreia XA2 Ultra Dual, wireless speakers and wireless/and wired earphones.

About the movie:
Men in Black are part of a secret organization guarding the peace and safety on our planet and protecting us from the extraterrestrial attacks
This time the most severe danger for the global community which is to be eliminated by the agents is the spy inside their organization.
Coming soon from July 12.
Also at IMAX.

Join TORNADO ENERGY group at VK and win cool prizes!

GC SNS Press Service

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